On this page,

 we want to show you how everything works in our apartment

Our exchanges have been

absolutely fantastic.

It feels great to be welcomed to a new home, while we hands over our own.

There is so much extra that you get for free when one does not stay in hotels.

Getting to know each other through each other's home is fun and enlightening.

Lena and Hasse

in Gothenburg

Hi, we are a couple almost retired with a lot of time to spend on travel and vacations.

Give us a proposal!

We are very flexible!

How to handle things in our home

Benefits of exchanging your home


The greater the number you are traveling with, and the longer you stay, the cheaper it will become compared to other accommodations.



You get to know someone else's home and surroundings, and get good advices about what to do.



You often can borrow things you need, from bicycles to games. Since you can wash your clothes, you can reduce your packing.



You are not locked out of mealtimes or guided tours. You take care of yourself and disposes over your own time



You will stay outside the normal tourist areas.



You get someone who is watering your flowers, taking care of your mail, and maybe mowing the grass and feeding the fish. Your home is not empty so the the risk of burglary decreases.