On this page we want to tell You about our past and planned exchanges What was good and what we are looking forward to
Our exchanges have been absolutely amazing. It feels great to be welcomed to a new home, while we hands over our own. There is so much extra that you get for free when one does not stay in hotels. Getting to know each other through each other's home is fun and enlightening.
Lena and Hasse in Fuengirola Hi, we are a couple almost retired with a lot of time to spend on travel and vacations. Give us a proposal!
We are very flexible!
29. Berlin Germany 19 April - 2 May 2019 In the cozy Charlottenburg, just outside the city center. Lovely summer weather showed up the city from its best. Many long walks around the city's all sights. Also took a guided boat trip and discovered that Berlin has a lot of water and many channels all around the town. Very successful exchange.
28. San Fransisco USA 15 July - 5 Aug 2017 In a nice area, close to citycenter and Fishermans Wharf, big flat in a 3 story house with the typical Frisco character. Streets that goes steeply up and down made the walks tough. An interesting two-days hopon-hopoff bus tour, and also a boattrip under the Golden Gate bridge and around the Alcatraz prison island, made us overwhelmed.
22. Fuengirola Spain 30 Nov - 21 Dec 2016 Rainy first week, the rest was quite ok. A lot of daytrips up and down the Costa del Sol. Also a visit to the medieval town of Ronda, about 100 km inland, with its old three bridges over the deep canyon. 14 - 20 C in December is quite nice for us Swedes.
21. Zagreb Croatia 19 Sept - 2 Oct 2016 A small appartment, just a short walk from the center, in the city of 1,000 cafes with incredibly cheap food and drinks. Beautiful weather for 2 weeks, about 22 C every day. The very friendly and nice croatian people made this trip a success. Lucky us!
20. Milano Italy 31 Augt - 14 Sept 2016 2 weeks was too short for this wonderful, vibrant city with many attractions. We missed the painting "The Last Supper". 3-week pre-order needed. Easy and pleasant to get around using tram and metro. Summer hot even though it was September.
19. Benicàssim Spain 5 Aug - 19 Aug 2016 Two hot weeks on the Spanish coast in Benicassim, in a lovely apartment on the 10 floor, with a large balcony, right close to the beach. Andreau and Maria was just amazing swappers, great communication and certainly very good preparation in the appartment. Super!
18. Antibes France 30 June - 17 July 2016 After16 days in Nice, to Antibes for 18 more, without going home. Lovely appartment in old town, next to Picasso museum. The sea behind and the market, Marché Provencal, in front of us. Great exchangers!
17. Nice France 14 June - 30 June 2016 perfect located flat, in the middle of city center, 5 min walk to Promenade de Anglaise, and 10 to Old town. So nice people, they sent friends to pick us up on the airport, and have prepared their home very well. Thank YOU Elisabeth
16. London UK 19 May - 26 May 2016 England's capital could/should be the capital of entire Europe. Lots to see, many places you "must" visit. Lovely big city feeling. This stay was only for a week, so we will be back soon.
15. Montreal Canada 1 May - 18 May 2016 First time in Canada. In a flat including a huge roofterrace with stunning views, as this foto, close to "downtown". Springtime, so a little cold and very changing weather.
14. Malaga & Fuengirola Spain on one week, even in February it is quite nice. Day trips to both Gibraltar and Nerja. So much to see, driving the coast road both south and north, many beautiful villages along the Costa del Sol. Our exchange appartment was in the middle of town so we also got the opportunity to experience the frantic nightlife of Malaga's city center.
13. Athens Greece 17 nov - 4 dec 2015 So much to explore in this busy city, with its history and many sights. Full schedule every day to find time to see all the ancient buildings. Took a couple of day trips to other beautiful places, such as Sounis with Apollo's temple and Corinth with the incredible handdugged channel. 12. Istanbul Turkyey 30 oct - 13 nov 2015 In a nice and cosy apartment in a quiet but yet central area. Mixed cultures, a lot of things to do. Did visit the European side, and all the famous sights. Thank you, the lovely couple and our new friends, Mehmet and Anca, for exchanging with us. 11. Torrevieja Spain 3 - 17 oct 2015 Great stay in a nice and well equipped home just at the seafront with 3 pools in the area. Nicolas & Ilham are lovely generous and kind people! It is these kind of exchangers which makes it feel so enjoyable to exchange homes. 10. Prague Czech Republic 6 aug - 19 aug 2015 In the best area, close to everything, a large apartment at the fifth floor, with a great view of the Prague Castle which made us really pleased. Two weeks is not enough in this magnificent city, with lots of sights and interesting Swedish historical connections. 9. Florence Italy 23 july - 5 aug 2015 Nearby the railway station in the center of town, walking distance to all the attractions, nice "Pizzeria" and "Ristorantes" around the corner. A day trip by train to the most famous failure, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, was really interesting. Tuscany is worth a return visit. 8. Nice France 23 june - 7 july 2015 In the middle of the old town, with all the little narrow but cute streets filled with restaurants and tourist traps, we lived in a gated comunity, safe and modern. Overlooking the rooftops and several bell towers we enjoyed many fine moments on the balcony. 7. Los Angeles USA 3 - 24 may 2015 LA at its best. House in Signal Hill - Long Beach, close downtown, yet quiet and nice area. Included a trip to Las Vegas for 2 days. Beautiful California. 6. New York USA 19 dec - 12 jan 2014-15 Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve in Manhattan, NY. Fantastic, wonderful and exciting. Many long walks across the big island. 5. Lisbon Portugal 25 sep - 9 oct 2014 A wonderful town with people that make you feel welcome. Great exchangers, which left lots of info about the city, made the journey really valuable 4. Paris France 12 - 22 aug 2014 In a very nice area, Maison Alfort, just outside the center of Paris, in a small cozy 2 bedroom apartment. With the small always purring and mewing cat Zoe as a nice company made this exchange one of our best. 3. Puerto de Santa Maria Spain 2 - 12 aug 2014 Lovely appartment in a very nice area. Southwest Spain's beautiful beaches and towns gave us an incredible vacation. Cadiz and Seville could be reached on a day trip, and we did! 2. Copenhagen Denmark 17 - 20 april 2014 Invited on dinner one day before the actual exchange we had a great time. A very nice classic house in Österbro, just outside the downtown area, 10 min by bus to Ströget and Nyhavn. Easter time = Wonderful Copenhagen! 1. Barcelona Spain 23 dec - 6 Jan 2013-14 Great exchangers, nice flat in a quit area. We loved all the spanish food and pastries that we got from our hosts. On New Year's Eve, we sat out on the Llas Ramblas and ate a late dinner. Awesome weather although it was wintertime.
24. Edinburgh England 14 - 25 Mars 2017 Scotland's capital, but only the second largest. Edinburgh is the most popular tourist city with about 13 million visitors annually. Our eleven days was rainy but still very pleasent. Nice appartment 10 min walk from city center, and yet in a very quiet area. Thanks Eve and Marc 27. Kuala Lumpur Malysia 10 - 29 June 2017 Close to the famous Petronas Twin Tower, in a nice 12 level building built 1978. At that time it was the highest in KL. Walking distance to everything that is important. Took a bus tour with overnight stay in the city of Malacka, and also a flight to Singapore for the last 5 days. Thank You Evelyn for this extraordinary swap. 26. Budapest Hungary 15 - 30 May 2017 A nice apartment in the best location, center of downtown, close to the Danube. Many beautiful old buildings that have not been upgraded since the war, but give the city its character. Many cafes and restaurants with very cheap food and drink. The trams, buses and underground working perfectly and were very cheap. Want to come back soon. 23. Nerja Spain 18 Feb - 1 Mars 2017 Ten days, right in the middle of the willage, close to beaches and thousands of restaurants. A small cozy town with many Scandinavian residents that makes you feel at home? Low and cozy buildings that encloses the heart of Nerja - Balcon de Europa. 25. Fuengirola Spain 25 April - 3 May 2017 An very good exchange in the city we just started to love. Nice area not far from city center. After falling in love with this town we actually bought a flat here during this swap. Marc and Elena was very caring and thoughtful wich made this exchange to a big success.
We moved to Fuengirola Spain In September 2017 we sold our apartment i Gothenburg and bought a penthouse in Fuengirola. For almost 9 months we have completely renovated our apartment and our two terraces with a total area of 110 sq. So now we are ready to start our exchanges again.
Benefits of exchanging your home Cheap The greater the number you are traveling with, and the longer you stay, the cheaper it will become compared to other accommodations. Personal You get to know someone else's home and surroundings, and get good advices about what to do. Practical You often can borrow things you need, from bicycles to games. Since you can wash your clothes, you can reduce your packing. Flexible You are not locked out of mealtimes or guided tours. You take care of yourself and disposes over your own time Exciting You will stay outside the normal tourist areas. Safe You get someone who is watering your flowers, taking care of your mail, and maybe mowing the grass and feeding the fish. Your home is not empty so the the risk of burglary decreases.